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Future of Education in India

Elementary mode of education would be replaced by skill on demand training and placement. 10+2+3 or 10+2+4 format of education requires substantial time for completion and may not be supportive system of education for skill required for employment in the future. Importance would be on learning than mode of education. Projects and practicals would be given higher weight-age than theoretical studies. Classroom studies would be replaced by online learning which could be done anytime and anywhere.

How to improve communication skills in English?

How to improve communication skills in English has been most common heard query from the students and professionals working in the companies. It seems a hard nut to crack for everyone. Here, before any further advice is poured down, it would be essential to mention that being a part of the school education where English was the language of the learning and environment would be the real part of the deal. However it’s not the end of the line. You can always start up from where you left learning and in this case practicing. Yes, practicing is the key to success. Hear the right use of language and practice speaking it yourself. Happy learning!